Invitation to comment on draft accreditation process for OHS professional education programs

Wednesday 20 October, 2010

We are seeking your comment and input to the proposed process and criteria for accrediting OHS professional education programs. This proposal is part of the WorkSafe Victoria funded project to develop and implement the core body of knowledge (BoK) for generalist OHS professionals. The project has two phases: Phase 1, Development of the Core Body of Knowledge and Phase 2, Implementation of the Core Body of Knowledge. This latter phase includes development of course accreditation and professional certification processes.


Information on the project is available at but to give you a summary of the background, the project is ‘owned’ by the Health and Safety Professionals Alliance (HaSPA), which is sponsored by WorkSafe Victoria and brings together OHS professional associations and OHS educators; technical aspects of the project are developed and managed by a Technical Panel comprising representatives of La Trobe University, University of Ballarat, RMIT University and the OHS Education Chapter of the Safety Institute of Australia. Project management and administration is by a consultant, Enhance Solutions. The Safety Institute of Australia is the contract holder and responsible for financial governance. While the project is funded in Victoria and managed by a Technical Panel mainly based in Victoria the project has national implications and the project plan includes extensive input from interested parties nationally.


The attached document “Proposal for Program Accreditation for Generalist OHS Professionals” details the proposed structure and criteria for accrediting OHS professional education programs including some ‘discussion boxes’ on issues considered under various headings. Part of the ‘operationalising’ of this proposal will include the development of documents such as application forms and guidance information for preparing an application. The fee schedule will be determined following further development of the business plan.


This questionnaire attached is seeking comment on the details in this proposal. Completed questionnaires should be emailed to by the 30th October. We not only welcome broad input and discussion but consider it vital to the success and integrity of the outcomes.



Pam Pryor
Secretary - OHS Education Chapter
Safety Institute of Australia Ltd
Tel: 03 8336 1993
Direct: 0411 193 370