BOK The Core Body of Knowledge for Generalist OHS Professionals

bok bookThe OHS Body of Knowledge provides a basis for accreditation of OHS professional education programs and certification of individual OHS professionals. It provides guidance for OHS educators in course development, and for OHS professionals and professional bodies in developing continuing professional development activities. Also, OHS regulators, employers and recruiters may find it useful for benchmarking OHS professional practice. Importantly, the OHS Body of Knowledge is neither a textbook nor a curriculum; rather it describes the key concepts, core theories and related evidence that should be shared by Australian generalist OHS professionals. This knowledge will be gained through a combination of education and experience.

We have produced 'hard copy' versions of the 'BOK' and they are bound into a 'Commemorative Book' format.

You are free to reproduce and print the material for reasonable personal, or in-house, non-commercial use for the purposes of workplace health and safety as long as you attribute the work using the citation guidelines below and do not charge fees directly or indirectly for use of the material. You must not change any part of the work or remove any part of this copyright notice, licence terms and disclaimer below.

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Enquiries regarding the licence or further use of the works are welcome and should be addressed to:
Registrar, Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board
Safety Institute of Australia Ltd, PO Box 2078, Gladstone Park, Victoria, Australia, 3043

Citation of the whole Body of Knowledge should be as:
HaSPA (Health and Safety Professionals Alliance).(2012). The Core Body of Knowledge for Generalist OHS Professionals. Tullamarine, VIC. Safety Institute of Australia.

Citation of individual chapters should be as, for example:
Pryor, P., Capra, M. (2012). Foundation Science. In HaSPA (Health and Safety Professionals Alliance),
The Core Body of Knowledge for Generalist OHS Professionals. Tullamarine, VIC. Safety Institute of Australia.

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Book Title:

The Core Body of Knowledge for Generalist OHS Professionals - Body of Knowledge
Hard Cover Book, 2012. (please note this edition is no longer available in hard copy, a new edition will be printed soon)