Safety Institute of Australia calls for calm in relation to Dreamworld tragedy

Wednesday 26 October, 2016

The Chairman of the Safety Institute of Australia Mr Patrick Murphy, today called for calm in relation to the four tragic deaths at Dreamworld, and urged that time be given to the authorities for a full investigation.

"This is a tragic incident with catastrophic effect, and the cause is not yet known. All Australian's thoughts are with the families of the victims, and the many people affected by the trauma," he said.

"Those families deserve a full investigation, with findings based on facts and not on the wide-ranging speculation currently occurring amongst many commentators.

"We understand that the authorities are commencing a series of full and thorough investigations of the incident through the coroner's office and regulatory authorities. Those investigative processes need to be given the time and space to properly work through to establishing the root cause or causes of the incident, and the SIA supports those investigations.

"At this stage, all other speculation is not helpful.

"When the investigation is complete, and the cause or causes of this tragedy are determined, stakeholders will need to come together to ensure that something like this never happens again," he said.

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