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Membership or Subscription?

Individual membership

Individual membership is open to a range of people, including:

  • People with an interest in OHS/WHS who may be working in paid or voluntary roles on safety committeees, as HSR's or in similar roles who wish learn more about work health and safety, or to be better connected to the OHS/WHS profession and the work that the SIA does, including getting access to regular information and member services;
  • People working at a professional level in OHS/WHS who consider themselves OHS practitioners or professionals, and who provide OHS/WHS advice at various levels as employees or consultants;
  • Managers and leaders in companies who work across allied areas such as HR/IR, and who have OHS/WHS responsibilities or who lead OHS/WHS specialists.

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Corporate membership  

Organisations can seek to engage with the OHS profession through our 4000 members, and/or make a contribution to our mission to reduce workplace injury, illness and death in Australia, aligning themselves with the SIA as Australia's peak body for the OHS profession.

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Safety Connections subscription

Individuals not interested in the full benefits of membership as outlined above, but who wish to stay connected via our fortnightly OHS Professional E-News and quarterly OHS Professional Magazine can sign up as a  Safetey Connections subscriber.  Organisations can also choose to sign up multiple  Safety Connections subscriptions for their staff and take advantage of discounts offered to 2 or more subscriptions.

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