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Dominic Weir

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    Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia
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  1. My name is Dominic Weir, I am a WHS&E Consultant and have been in the building industry since 1986, specialising in safety management since 2002 I am an ex WorkCover Accredited Trainer, number 03867 and a Chartered Professional Member of the Safety Institute Australia(CPMSIA)and have a Masters in Health and Safety from the University of Newcastle (completed 2012) I am available as a consultant for projects or tasks that meet my expertise areas marked in the boxes above. I have performed safety related works in all States and Territories and have travelled around Australia conducting site safety inspections and audits. I have experience in large scale projects. Most recently the SSWA Desalination Project near Bunbury WA. I was responsible for establishing and managing a team of safety advisors for AJ Luca and for developing the systems of WHS used by Lucas and their contractors. We maintained Federal Safety Compliance for the Lucas FSC accreditation with an audit held on this project by the Federal Safety Commission and also passed a WA Water Corporation audit during the course of the project I have been involved in creating and delivering WorkCover funded and approved industry training documents and videos for the outdoor media industry. I am also experienced in emergency planning for medium to large scale projects with a professional fire and emergency specialist that I also engage for these projects. I am based in Sydney but available and able to travel within NSW or Australia wide should you wish to engage my services. I also have references and a comprehensive CV available on request. Please feel free to contact me for any further information. Kind Regards, Dom Weir

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    0403 956 959
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