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If you are seeking the services of a Generalist OHS practitioner or professional, you can utilise this search facility to, locate someone in your region, with the kind of experience and capability you may be seeking. 

The database contains graded or certified OHS practitioners and professionals who have been either graded (our program up to December 2014) or certified (our program from January 2015 onward).

More information about our different certifications and grading levels. 

Members may log in to the website to access a full membership database search.

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Type keywords into the form below to search for a member. The search system will attempt to find the most relevant professional members based on keyword frequency and positioning within each member profile. 

Only graded or certified members of the SIA are listed.

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SIA Professional Graded Members

The highest level of SIA professional graded member is Chartered Fellow SIA (CFSIA); followed by Fellow SIA (FSIA); and Chartered Professional Member SIA (CPMSIA). More information on the education and experience requirements of each of these grades can be obtained from Membership Grades.

The public Find an Safety Professional search is limited to professionally certifed members of the SIA only. These are members working in the field of OHS / Safety with the appropriate OHS / Safety education qualifications and sufficient experience to be recognised as a "Suitably Qualified" OHS Professional.

SIA members can login to the site to search a larger list of all members who have opted in.

Members maintain their own profile information and certify that all information is correct.

Search Tips

  • The keywords field searches all member profile fields. For instance use it to search by a member's name, company name, suburb, or other text that might appear in their search listing.
  • The service areas field is a filter. Tick boxes for two areas to find any member in either of those areas who also matches your other search criteria.
  • The search form re-appears at the bottom of the search results page. Use it to refine or alter your search parameters if you don't find the best results on your first search.
  • More information is available about our membership grades.
  • Contact us if you need help finding a member.


The Safety Institute of Australia Ltd (SIA) may make details of OHS professional members of the Institute, i.e. who are graded as Chartered Professional Member SIA, Fellow SIA or Chartered Fellow SIA, available to potential clients, for example, as consultants.

However, it is the responsibility of the client to undertake appropriate research and satisfy him or herself that the consultant concerned has current professional indemnity and public liability insurance and that they can provide the service(s) required. The SIA cannot accept any liability for any service, advice, guidance or information provided by SIA members engaged as consultants.