Sharing knowledge and experience

The SIA Mentorship Program: Share your knowledge and experience. Find an experienced mentor

The SIA Mentorship Program provides:

  • For individual members seeking to be mentored - the opportunity to be connected, and develop insights and understanding which can help you grow personally and professionally.  
  • For mentors - the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience, being part of the development of emerging WHS professionals and practitioners through the creation of meaningful and productive mentoring relationships.

The value of having a mentor is widely recognised. It is a relationship built on mutual trust, respect and communication. Mentors involved in the SIA program are experienced members, who are willing to support and encourage the personal and professional development of others in the safety profession. This will be achieved through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience they have had in their careers.

We expect our SIA mentors to listen, be honest with feedback and provide relevant and appropriate support for professional development and career planning.

Normally, mentoring involves both the mentor and mentee meeting regularly to exchange ideas, discuss progress and set goals for further development. This can be undertaken in face to face meetings and via skype, or through any agreed communcations methods.

People who seek to be mentored can select a mentor from a list of people who have formally expressed interest in the role of mentor. Each prospective mentor goes through an initial orientation which allows them to explore and clarify the elements of the mentor role, and each mentor is asked to identify their area(s) of expertise in which they feel they have the most to offer.  This expertise may be technical, industry specific, or be about specialist knowledge and experience, such as management and leadership, career planning, or relationship management.

For the mentoring relationship to be effective, it is recommended that they are in place for at least 12 months, however, depending on what is agreed by both parties, they may be short or long term.