Call to all members for expressions of interest: Participation and leadership – SIA program committees and working groups


We are writing to you to invite you to express interest in being an active part of one or more areas of the work we do.

You will undoubtedly be aware of the growth, development and transformations that have been occurring at the SIA in recent times.  This is a process which is ongoing, and it affects the way we do business at all levels of the organisation.

Having resolved a number of management and administrative issues and completing our strategic plan, we are now embarking on a program of growth and development in each of our priority areas.

Today, our many leadership groups throughout Australia in our branches and committees do a fantastic job, and these roles are expanding. If we are to grow further and expand our horizons, we must also grow these groups and the people showing leadership within them, opening our doors to an ever-wider range of people and ideas.   We function in a dynamic and diverse environment and to be an effective active part of that our own organisation must reflect that diversity and dynamism – in terms of age, experience, gender and ideas.

You may or may not already be a part of our leadership, planning and working groups, or you just may be interested to look at options and so we invite you to submit an EoI so that we can:

(a) map out the range of interests and capabilities of our member volunteer base and

(b) identify opportunities for new people to get involved.

 If you are already part of our leadership, planning and working groups, there is no need to submit an EoI unless there is an additional area where you would like to contribute.

If you’re not sure and want to know more, take a look at the list below of opportunities that we have already identified - further information about each committee/group is accessible by clicking the links.  Please note that by committing to participate in these working groups and committees, you also undertake to commit to the SIA Volunteers I.P. and Privacy agreement which will be provided to you:

Our hope is that as a result of your response, we are tasked with the major problem of resolving a high level of interest and not enough roles!  Our commitment is that even if we find some areas oversubscribed with member interest, we will do our best to provide some kind of opportunity for everyone who expresses interest in being a part of the work of the Institute.

The EOI form can be accessed HERE.

Kind Regards

Patrick Murphy Kelly Johnstone David Clarke