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2 pac paint

22/10/2008 22:59

Hello, just wondering  if anyone could answer my questions regarding 2-pac paints.

The floors of certain work areas in my worksite have been painted with a 2pac paint. Hot work is being conducted in these work areas. A worker has raised concern that when molten metal slag falls onto the surface of these painted surfaces that a tiny amount of smoke is emitted. My questions are:

1) Is this smoke toxic? What would be the main constituents of this smoke?

2) Could you suggest an alternative paint product that may be suitable
for surface application where Hot Work is conducted? This product must be:
- Heat resistant
- Durable (resistant to vehicular and pedestrian traffic)
- Generate no harmful products (such as smoke) when exposed to

Re: 2 pac paint

23/10/2008 16:48

Hi Lawrence, your first action should be to access the MSDS and read it. This may have the information you want. As you state "a tiny amount of smoke is emitted" controls such as ventilation can be used to reduce exposure, also can welding blankets be place over the paint to reduce the risk of contact? And so on. Unfortunately we are exposed to contaminants in our daily lives: traffic fumes, cigarette smoke, out-gassing from furniture and electrical appliances etc. While it is ideal that we do not add to this burden, we also have to be realistic. In other words if someone feels that this is ‘not good for them' then leave the area. Perhaps you should go back to basics with your problem: read the MSDS, contact the supplier if necessary, access a good safety book and the work-safe site to assist in developing effective controls. Regarding your alternative product please let me know how you go; if you find one that does all that I'd like to buy shares in the company. In my experience everything gives off fume/ smoke when heated.         Regards Nigel Dunn

Re: 2 pac paint

05/11/2008 08:08

Thanks Nigel for your reply

 Yes your right, all products do emit fumes. I was advised at the sydney safety show that steel plating the floors in areas where hot work is conducted will eliminate this issue, so I will now look in to this.


Re: 2 pac paint

07/11/2008 16:15

Hi Lawrence, well done with your progress, it sounds like you're on top of it.

Regards Nigel

Re: 2 pac paint

09/11/2008 09:43

The MSDSs may only tell you the hazards of the individual packs.

One also needs the manufacturers technical data sheets which are often on their web sites.

For example some 2/3 packs give off other vapours as components  cross-link.

Others can become extremely hot (exothermic reaction)

When in doubt contact the manuacturer and also to ensure the product is suitable for its intended use.

I would imagine that many "plastic" coatings give off fumes when heated.

Thus I suggest to contact the manufacturer.


Re: 2 pac paint

09/11/2008 09:55

To add to my previous post:

I have found Concrete Protection in Burnley, Melbourne very helpful and in my case their solutions worked very well.

Also try Google Australia "Concrete Coatings"  There is a lot of information there.