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Advice wanted please?. New to OH&S

24/02/2012 11:49

Good Morning Everyone,

Whilst searching for education and employment oppurtunities in OH&S/HSE I have stumbled across this forum and reading through the topics I can see that there is a wealth of knowledge in here. So I thought I might pester some of you for some advice?

After many years of deliberation on where I feel I fit, I am almost certain that I would love to have a career in OH&S/HSE. I am a current member of the WH&S commitee at my workplace. I work as a Recruitment Consultant in a mental Health/Disability setting. I have a Cert IV in Mental Health, WH&S Consultation Certificate and am almost finished a Diploma in Managment.

 I will be completeing a Cert IV in TAE as I have observed that this is almost always required by employers. I'm looking to do some further studies mid year but am tossing up as to what to do next?. I have decided that I definitley want to do university level qualifications, but am also wanting to break into the field by the end of the year. I'm also in my late 20's if this helps at all with suggestions/advice.

So my questions are;

1. Is my career path so far,looking positive or partial to what OH&S employers would be looking for?

2. Can anyone explain the differences in completing a Bach of OH&S/Bach in HSE?

3. Can I expect to get employment having done the courses I have and completing a degree in OH&S/HSE?.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback I receive.

Thanks in Advance

Re: Advice wanted please?. New to OH&S

02/03/2012 10:02


I'm sure you'll get some helpful responses, in the meantime it may be worth your while reviewing a number of the forum posts particularly in relation to OHS Dip or Masters etc type posts.  I've posted to a number of those with clarification on the Australian AQF framework for vocational and tertiary as well as updates on the direction that OHS tertiary accreditation and OHS personal certification is proposed to be heading. As well as vocational and tertiary skills and knowledge, the key element is experience.  So if your set on making OHS your future career direction then obtaining a work role where you can be part of an more experienced team, even taking a step down/backwards to a OHS data support position would allow you to start getting involved and then work up from there.  Hopefully, you will find some mentoring as well.    A lot of people then do part time, distance education on the job.

 Your ques on OHS or HSE, in simple terms it's the 'E' i.e. Environment that is different.  A lot of organisations want someone to cover Health and Safety and then Environment.  I have had those roles in the past and I have no 'E' scientific background.   I always brought in subject matter experts in environmental science to cover the 'E'.  In my opinion, 'E' is a specialist science in its own right, others may differ?  The OHS profession has many aspects that you can specialise in.

 Hope that helps for a starter,   regards Mike