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Cert IV in Training & Assessing

27/01/2011 15:18

Has anybody used HBA learning centres for qualification. they are offering a TAA cert IV course 7 Days and I was wondering if anybody has had dealings with the provider. cost is generally $ 1995 but next month $1000 off. - Adelaide (TAA = Training and Assessing) 


Can anybody suggest an organisation that would provide Training and Assessing cert IV (TAA) course? 

Re: Cert IV in Training & Assessing

28/02/2011 19:56

Hi Wayne

My husband did Cert IV TAA through HBA, they are a good RTO, certainly not tick and flick.  He is now doing a Dip OH&S though them.

Cheers - Louisa

Re: Cert IV in Training & Assessing

23/01/2012 16:45

There are a number of courses you can do and a number of resources available. here check some out:

<a href="">AMA</a>

<a href="">TAFE</a>

<a href="">online course</a>