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Software for preparing evacuation diagrams?

17/09/2010 20:03

 If any one could help it would be appreciated. I am wanting to prepare an evacuation diagram for fire evacuation. I have searched the internet and have not been able to find a programme. There must be programmes available as I have seen diagrams with icons for all elements (fire hoses, extinguishers etc) shown.

Any advise would be appreciated.


Wayne Gibson.

Re: Software for preparing evacuation diagrams?

18/09/2010 01:58

Hi Wayne,

Look for any drawing software and not specific evac stuff. I had a look at Smart Draw it seems to have the basics for doing floor plans with icons for fire ext and hoses, plus there are heaps of other functions for planning and presenting so it can be used for other functions outside of just drawing. There is also eziblueprint this seems to have icons for evacuations as well.

Or if you just want to use word or publisher to draw basic evac plans you can get extingusher icons and other stuff from clker. Free open source clip art at

I have not tried any of these so cannot advise. Hope it goes well.


PS. Keep us posted on how it works out and maybe you can recommend something when you find it.

PPS. I have used MS visio in the past. Vision has evac symbols and functions for inserting the legend, you can also import symbols. I just found an old pan for a site built on visio and rememebered this was not the most enjoyable experience, a bit clunky to use. I am thinking of trialing the ezi blurpint program, looks simple enough, not sure how it will go for doing full site maps with roadways and buildings.

Re: Software for preparing evacuation diagrams?

18/09/2010 20:39

Thanks Deano,

I will look at the options you have given me. Will let you know how I go.



Re: Software for preparing evacuation diagrams?

29/09/2010 11:26
Hello Wayne if you are in QLD the QLD Fire Service have an emergency evacuation procedures program that has all the icons etc you need you just need to add in the diagram of your building. This program also has an extra page with generic evacuation porcedures as well and best of all it is free. Hope this helps. Cheers Craig L

Re: Software for preparing evacuation diagrams?

12/10/2010 11:10
I just use MS paint to draw a basic outline of the building or scan a building plan that is available into a jpg or bitmat format. After importing it into a MS word document I import the fire extinguisher, exit and DG signs and any others required. Dangerous good signage along with most other images is easy to find on the internet these days. Try locations like the Melbourne Fire Brigade, CFA and worksafe sites. Once you have all of the images you require I retain them for future use. You may find that you will need to create a few images yourself in a drawing program such as MS paint. Dont forget to check out the local codes. Neil Gook

Re: Software for preparing evacuation diagrams?

13/10/2010 23:13
Hi Wayne I use Visio. It works reasonably well with the various tools and the icons, although probably not as good as the dedicated drafting tools, but Visio does all I want. Cheers Greg