SIA Perth Safety Symposium 2017

Friday 13 October, 2017

The Safety Institute of Australia (West Australia Branch) invites you to attend their 2017 Safety Symposium “The future of health & safety: an agenda for change” to be held on Thursday 12 OctoberFriday 13th October 2017 at Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley Campus.

In keeping with the theme: The future of health & safety: an agenda for change, the symposium includes a series of expert presentations exploring contemporary thinking, lessons learnt and the future development of the profession.

We are delighted to announce our keynote speaker is internationally renowned Professor Sidney Dekker of Griffith University, Australia.  Professor Dekker is the best-selling author of 8 books including “The end of Heaven: and Suffering in a Scientific Age” (2017), “Just Culture: Restoring Trust and Accountability in your Organisation” (2016) and “Safety Differently: Human Factors for a New Era” (2015).

In addition, Professor Dekker has published over 170 scientific papers and is a passenger aircraft pilot. Mr Greg Smith, Principal at Nexus Lawyers and a well-known speaker will lead a “Lessons Learnt” session in which he will cross examine ‘role play witnesses’ based on real life significant events. These lessons learnt will be discussed by an expert panel and audience.

The symposium also features presentations on contemporary issues from:

  • A Ministerial Address by By Hon Bill Johnston MLA
  • Dr Sue Bahn, Founder & CEO, Tap Into Safety
  • Dr Marcus Cattani, Senior Lecturer OHS and Professor Russell Jones, Professor of Clinical Education, and Emergency Management expert from Edith Cowan University.
  • Ms Erica Haddon, EGM Strategic Innovation, RAC will discuss the use of innovative technology in safety.

With a Great Debate on the topic of “There will be no need for safety professionals in 2050” followed by social networking, the Perth Safety Symposium should not be missed!

The Perth Safety Symposium aims to promote collaboration and sharing of best practice across the Western Australian sector in an effort to harness the capabilities of the OHS profession and work toward the ultimate elimination of workplace injury, illness and death.

This symposium promises to ignite important discussion around the future of the Australian OHS sector. SIA invites you to take part in the conversation.

Follow the hashtag #SIAinWA for updates and announcements about this highly anticipated event.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday 12 October - Friday 13 October 2017

Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm & 9:00am - 7:00pm (respectively)

Venue: Edith Cowan University, Building 3, Room 201, 2 Bradford St, Mount Lawley, WA 6050

How to get there:

Ticket Prices:

Friday 13 October 2017  - One Day Symposium Only Pricing

SIA Individual Member                        $395 + GST  (One day Symposium Only)
SIA Corporate Member                       $495 + GST   One day Symposium Only)
Students & Jobseekers                       $150 + GST  (*first 100 student / jobseeker registrations recieve a complimentary pass to Sidney Dekker's Art of Work Seminar)
Non Member & Join SIA                     $625 + GST   (One day Symposium Only)
Non Member                                       $645 + GST   (One day Symposium Only)

Thursday 12 October & Friday 13 October 2017 - Symposium & Masterclass Pricing

SIA Member Dual Registration                       $495 + GST
Non Member Dual Registration                      $645 + GST    
SIA Student / Jobseekers / unemployed         $150 + GST * (This category is limited to 100 tickets only)

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8:00am - 5:00pm  Enabling safety - safety differently
Presented by Professor Sidney Dekker, Griffith University Brought to you by Art of Work

In this one day workshop titled 'Enabling safety - safety differently', participants will learn how safety can be managed by seeing people as a resource to harness, how safety can be about enabling things to go right, and how safety can become an ethical responsibility to do what is right. Attendees will be introduced to the ideas and principles that underpin the Enabling Safety construct, with proven tools, methods and practices that allow organisations to manage safety differently, delivering resilience, productivity and safety.

Learning outcomes:

  • Why focusing on what helps and hinders normal work will improve safety
  • How people are a solution to harness, rather than a problem to control
  • New ways to measure safety that will drive empowerment and innovation
  • Why leaders need to host conversations about what goes on at work
  • How organisations can learn from what goes right
  • How organisations have managed to build their safety management system on the Safety Differently principles


9:00am       Delegate  Registration

9:30am       Welcome & Introduction: Kym Bills, Chair, SIA WA Branch

9:45am       Keynote address: The Future  of Safety Professor: Sidney Dekker, Griffith University
Work has never been safer, but safety has also never been as bureaucratized. We suffocate in rules and compliance, yet progress on safety has slowed to a crawl. We make workers do a lot that does nothing to improve their success locally.  Professor Dekker believes the future of safety hinges on us recovering the dignity and expertise of actual human work—and not the rules by which it is supposedly done. It is there that we can find the sources of human insight, innovation and resilience that can tell us how success is actually created, and where the next accident may well happen.

10:45am     Morning Tea

11:15am     Preventing Recurrence Using Lessons Learnt: Greg Smith, Principal at Nexus Lawyers
Greg Smith will use his expert legal skills to cross examine three witnesses (actors) from three important catastrophic incidents.  Following the cross examination a panel of experts will discuss the lessons learnt, and invite questions from the audience.  In this session you will see first hand how difficult and stressful a legal case can be, and take away important messages to assist prevention of similar incidents in the future.

1:00pm      Lunch

2:00pm      Injury Alarm: Making Better Use of Safety Data: Dr Marcus Cattani, Senior Lecturer OHS and Professor Russell Jones, Professor of Clinical Education, and Emergency Management expert from Edith Cowan University
Injury alarm is designed to help organisations manage their injury risk to an acceptable level, with a particular focus on proactive safety and emergency management.  Do you know how to use your previous performance information to assist you improve?  In this session you will be shown how you can use Injury Alarm to help.

2:30pm      Images of the Future: Erica Haddon, EGM Strategic Innovation from the RAC &
Predicting the health and safety risks of the future isn’t an exact science but we can use emerging trends to create images of the future. RAC’s Erica Haddon will narrate a case study on what Western Australia might look like in 2030; its technology, people, economies, industries and markets. Using these images, our speakers will discuss the agenda for change and what you can today to manage the safety of tomorrow.

3:00pm       eSafety and Mental Health: Dr Sue Bahn, Founder & CEO, Tap Into Safety 
In this presentation Dr Bahn will describe Hazard Insight and All of Me. Hazard Insight is an engaging and interactive solution drawing on gaming techniques that identifies gaps in safety knowledge retention. All of Me uses animated scenarios to increase workers’ mental health literacy around workplace stressors and provides predictive data on workers’ mental health decline.

3:30pm      Afternoon Tea

4:00pm      Ministerial Address: Hon Bill Johnston MLA
The Hon Bill Johnston is the West Australian Government Minister for Occupational Health and Safety.  He will address the audience on the symposium theme “The future of safety: an agenda for change”

4:30pm       The Great Debate: "Safety Professionals will not be needed in the year 2050"
Chaired by Maria Saraceni, Barrister, Francis Burt Chambers. Debated by a panel of distinguished experts

“Safety professionals will not exist in 2050”

 Participants include:

  • Professor Sidney Dekker: author and keynote speaker

  • Danny Spadaccini: Director EHS for Alcoa Refining

  • Kym Bills: Chair of the SIA WA Branch

  • Martin Ralph: Regional Inspector at Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

  • Dr Sue Bahn: CEO Tap into Safety

6:00pm        Networking - with drinks and canapes to 7:00pm

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