College of Fellows


About the College

The SIA National Board of Management created the College of Fellows within the Institute following consistent feedback through the late 1990's from Government and industry leaders that the SIA needed to change its image, improve its approaches to lobbying for change and raise the calibre of input to peak safety decision-making forums.  Those people who had responsibility for health and safety policy in Government and industry perceived the need for a credible pool of expertise, at the peak of the OHS profession, that could be called upon to provide input to regulatory development and industry policy setting activities. It was also apparent that most jurisdictions were no longer treating safety as a science but as a tool for bureaucratic manipulation in which mistakes of the past were being repeated and lessons not being learned.

In October 2002, The SIA Patron, His Excellency The Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, The Right Reverend Dr Peter Hollingworth, inducted Geoff Dell CFSIA as the inaugural Dean of the College of Fellows and the task of developing the College activities began in earnest.

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