How does certification relate to SIA grading ?

How Certification affects the current SIA grading system

Certification is a new program. Eligibility for Certification categories is different to the grading system used until the end of 2014. Although new applications for SIA grading have ceased, currently graded members are still recognised as having achieved the formal grading of Chartered Professional member of the SIA (CPMSIA) Fellow of the SIA (FSIA) and Chartered Fellow of the SIA (CFSIA).

Current Fellows and Chartered Fellows of the SIA

The award of Fellow or Chartered Fellow is not affected by Certification and you can continue to use Fellow and Chartered Fellow Post nominal. The College of Fellows will remain an important part of the Safety Institute of Australia, and Fellows of the Institute will have an ongoing role in providing expertise and advice to the SIA, and as an SIA network. New entry criteria for the College are currently being determined by the College. Existing Fellows and Chartered Fellows who wish to seek Certification can do so, and can carry both the Fellow post nominal, as well as their new Certification post-nominal.

Current Chartered Professional Members of the SIA

CPMSIAs retain their status and post nominal as a CPMSIA. They can also seek Certification through the full certification assessment