Application Process

 Capable - Credible - Certified


Certification process


Apply Online via SIA Website

An online application is submitted via the SIA website. The application requires the following details to be provided:

  • Contact information
  • Details of employment
  • Qualification information
  •  Industry details
  •  Referee contact details
  • Supporting documentation (certificate of graduation, submission of practice/portfolio report)

Qualifications & Experience Assessed

The application is sent to our external Panel of Assessors for assessment of qualifications & experience. When assessing education and experience, assessors will either:

(a) continue to conduct the demonstrated capability assessment, (report assessments and referee checks) or

(b) in the case of applications for OHS professional level, the candidate may also be referred to the OHS professional Knowledge Assessment (OKA) .

Demonstrated Capability Assessment

For candidates with Assessment of demonstrated capability is based on the information provided in the applicant's Practice/Portfolio/Reflective Journal (depending on the category of certification applied for). Two of the applicant's listed referees are contacted for confirmation of capability. In some cases, the applicant themself may also be contacted. Should the applicant not meet the demonstrated capability requirements, they are given the opportunity to be part of our Mentoring Program which is followed by re-assessment of demonstrated capability.

OHS professional Knowledge Assessment

For OHS professional applicants with lesser education but more experience, this assessment is more strongly focused on their knowledge base, and involves an online multiple choice exam, case study report, and viva interview.  

Application Approved

The application is approved:

(a) in the case of the capability assessment, if all educational, experience & capability requirements are met; or

(b) in the case of the OHS Professional Knowledge Assessment, if the candidate passes the exam, case study and interview.

In some cases, if the applicant does not initially pass these requirements, they may be retained within the program, and referred to undertake further professional development, or mentoring, or both, to address any shortfalls in knowledge or capability.

Receive Certification

A certificate & letter of certification is mailed out to the applicant's postal address. The applicant will also receive a digital copy of this as well as relevant logos named after their intended use. Certified members of the SIA are given the option to appear on our Registered Safety Professional (RSP) network.

Maintain Certification through CPD

Certified members of the SIA are expected to maintain their certification status through Continual Professional Development (CPD).