OHS Professional Knowledge Assessment

There will be some applicants who, although they do not hold the minimum OHS qualifications, are still eligible to apply for certification by undertaking the OHS Professional Knowledge Assessment. (OKA)

Eligibility for the OHS Professional Knowledge Assessment.

The following people may apply to undertake the OHS Professional Knowledge Assessment:

  • Applicants who have been granted certification at the OHS Practitioner level, BUT also have 5+ years experience in an OHS professional role 
  • Applicants who have 5+ years' experience in an OHS professional role, AND have a degree or post-graduate diploma which contains OHS-related content, but which is assessed as being lesser in content than an degree in OHS 

Each of these applications will be assessed individually.


The cost of the OKA is $850 plus GST.

The assessment

Developed and conducted by the University of Newcastle via distance learning, the OKA is based on the OHS Body of Knowledge and the OHS capabilities developed from the Australian Qualification Framework at level 7.  The 3-part assessment comprises:

(a)  a 2-hour multiple choice online exam
(b)  the conduct of a case study; and
(c)  the conduct of an online viva interview.

Once registered and the fee is paid the OKA candidate will receive a package of information. The OKA is an assessment only and does not include study materials or teaching sessions. Workshops and study sessions may be conducted separately.

Please note that the OKA is not a full degree program nor is it equivalent to a University qualification.