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OHS Professional Certification

The Safety Institute of Australia conducts certification of the Generalist OHS Profession, through a program which acknowledges the capability and credibility of OHS Practitioners and Professionals though the combination of their education and work experience.

Certification of Generalist OHS Professionals/Practitioners is not compulsory. It is not regulated under law or by the State OHS regulators or any government body, and is a process which is being voluntarily implemented by the profession to ensure that the highest standard of health and safety advice is available to Australian workplaces. 

Categories for Certification

There are three categories for the Generalist profession:

Certified Generalist OHS Practitioner (COHSPrac)   Certified Generalist OHS Practitioner (COHSPrac);
Certified Generalist OHS Professional (COHSProf)   Certified Generalist OHS Professional (COHSProf); and
Certified Chartered Generalist OHS Professional (ChOHSP)   Certified Chartered Generalist OHS Professional (ChOHSP)

Once certified in these roles, Practitioners and Professionals can only retain their certification level through maintaining their membership of the SIA, and participating in continuing professional development (CPD).

There are also two 'in training' categories of Certification, for people who have completed the educational requirements but have not yet completed the work experience requirements:

Certified Generalist OHS Trainee (COHStrainee)   Certified Generalist OHS Trainee (COHStrainee) – for people who have completed a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in WHS/OHS; and
Certified Generalist OHS Graduate (COHSgrad)  

Certified Generalist OHS Graduate (COHSgrad) for those who have completed a Bachelor Degree, Graduate Diploma or Masters in OHS


Certification in these categories allows people to enter an Initial Professional Development and Mentoring Program (IPDMP) program to support their on the job experience, as they move towards full Certification, as either Certified Generalist OHS Practitioners or Certified Generalist OHS Professionals.

The certification process:

Applications are open for the full standard certification program. 

It is important to read all of the related materials, including the educational requirements and work experience requirements for each category, the fee structure, and the process, before applying.

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