Thank you for visiting the TAS Branch of the Safety Institute of Australia. The TAS Branch is a small but enthusiastic and active branch of the SIA encompassing members from a range of industries.

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15 March 2017

SIA Webinar: Overview of Managing Disputes and Negotiations

On behalf of the safety institute of Australia, we invite you to join us for the first installment in a series of Personal Injury Management webinars which are being held throughout 2017, in partnership with The Personal Injury Education Foundation. This webinar will provide an overview on Managing Disputes and Negotiations.

 22 March 2017

SIA TAS - Networking Session for Health & Community Services 

In partnership with Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) our 12th Better Work Tasmania (BWT) networking session offers engaging key note speakers, active learning and an opportunity to draw on the knowledge of an expert panel. 



 26 April 2017

SIA Webinar: Introduction to Process Safety

This webinar will include a brief discussion on the origin of the project, followed by the specific elements chosen for inclusion and suggestions on how to bridge the gap between OHS Professionals and Process Safety Professionals in industry.



18 May 2017

Tasmanian Safety Symposium and Trade Show 2017

The 2017 Tasmanian Safety Symposium and Trade Show will provide our members and State with access to Australia's leading WHS professionals, researchers and legal minds. The symposium will showcase contemporary trends and emerging issues that will challenge the way we look at traditional safety management and investigation.



8 June 2017

SIA Webinar: Implementing & Evaluating Injury Management Programs



 19 July 2017

SIA Webinar: Promoting a Return to Work Culture


 2 August 2017

SIA Webinar: Understanding the Personal Industry & Disability Management Industry


 6 September 2017

 SIA Webinar: Managing Serious & Complex Claims


 10 October 2017

SIA Webinar: Return to Work & Health Strategies







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