Our Policies

The health and safety profession has a unique voice, and the Safety Institute of Australia seeks to express that voice in a positive way as a contribution to the development of Workplace Health and Safety Policy and practice in Australia. The Institute has an overarching Policy Agenda, which outlines our core beliefs and the key areas of the focus for our policy, and a series of Position Statements, which reflect the views of the Institute on a range of matters at any given time.  


The SIA Policy Agenda was developed after consultation with members of the Institute and other key stakeholders. Click here to access the Policy Agenda.

SIA Position Statements

The Institute's board develops position statements from time to time, to provide a voice for the profession in regard to specific issues, guidance to our strategic approach to matters which affect workplace health and safety.  The following are key areas under which the Institute develops position statements. You can click on the link to see those statements: 

1. The Health and Safety Profession:

1.1 Practice Framework

1.2 Knowledge Base

1.3 Educating the Profession

1.4 Continuing Professional Development

1.5 Health and Safety Practices

2. Health and Safety Policy, Regulation, Legislation and Standards

2.1 Health and Safety Policy Development

2.2 Health and Safety Law

2.3 Health and Safety Enforcement

2.4 Health and Safety Standards

3. Progressing Health and Safety within Industry

3.1 Health and Safety In Sustainable Business Practice 

3.2 Education 

3.3 Health and Safety Performance and Productivity