About the Safety Institute of Australia

The Safety Institute of Australia Ltd is Australia’s professional association for the health & safety profession. Established more than 60 years ago, we have a membership of over 4,000 individuals who may simply be interested in health and safety in the workplace, or be actively working in the field of OHS as Health and Safety Representatives, or OHS practitioners or professionals. We also have more than 50 Corporate members..

Our vision is for safe and healthy workers in productive workplaces.

We undertake this challenge in a number of ways, focusing on:

  • Building the capability of the OHS profession, accrediting higher education, maintaining and promoting the  OHS body of knowledge that defines professional practice in OHS, certifying the profession, and providing a range of opportunities for our members for professional development ;
  • Building partnership and relationships with organisations that share our vision;
  • Providing a range of products and services to our members, to assist them in their work including magazines, newsletters, our journal, access to a research database, access to a host of local networking activities, workshops, seminars and other events, and access to products and services at beneficial rates; and
  • Undertaking a range of activities in the field of policy and research.

If you are interested in occupational health and safety, are participating in some way in the field on a safety committee or as a HSR, or working as an OHS practitioner or professional, take a look in more detail at the benefits of SIA membership by clicking here.

If you are a company, and want to get connected with our Members, or want to find ways to work with us to achieve our vision, click here.